Why I love insurance and why that’s not boring

I love insurance and that’s not boring

There are few things better than seeing a family or business thrive after disaster strikes.

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First a little background . . . I didn’t intend to get into insurance; my degree is in music composition. And, at first, I didn’t like insurance all that much. Not being a natural salesman (I prefer creating to selling), I felt guilty taking money from people in exchange for a product they hoped they wouldn’t use.

So what changed? I saw the huge impact having the right insurance coverage can have on the lives of others. When really bad stuff happens, like a fire, a bad car wreck, or the unexpected loss of a family member, that’s when you see the value in the right coverage. A family or business being able to carry on with secured finances and replaced property is HUGE!

Over time, I came to realize that insurance may be something we hope we never use, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. I mean, you have smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, seat belts, and airbags, right?

On a larger scale, can you imagine if everyone needed enough cash on hand to replace everything they own if disaster struck? Moreover, businesses would be hard pressed to take on the out-of-pocket risk of hiring employees (they could get injured on the job) or expand their operations (that new and expensive building could burn down).

With growth comes risk. And insurance allows us to take risks that we might not otherwise. Know what? That’s EXCITING!

I know, I know . . . “But Greg, you like creating! Where’s the creating in all this mind numbing insurance stuff?”

Part of my trademark phrase is ‘You’re Unique.’ Every person, family, and business is different and has different insurance needs. It often takes a lot of creativity to find the right coverage fit. Insurance is always changing, risk is always evolving (drones anyone?), and circumstances are fluid . . .  this means I get to create awesome and unique coverage packages for each and every customer. Like the right fire extinguisher, those unique coverage packages are important when it comes to crunch-time.

That’s right, I love insurance.

And maybe, just maybe, after we chat about how we can partner to ensure you have the right unique coverage for your needs, you might start to love insurance too.

Are you interested in what the insurance industry has to offer? Do you think I’ve lost my mind? Or if you have a story about how insurance has made a positive difference in your life . . . I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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