The Morning 3

Before things get nuts, there are 3 things I promise myself each morning, and it’s changed my attitude and focus for the better.


Okay, you can stop here if you want . . . Just wake up every day and remind yourself of the ‘3 Things’ . . . Or you can read on for my thoughts on each.

I WILL BE RESPECTFUL – This starts with respect for people, property, and the environment. It’s a profound experience when you start asking yourself honestly, “Am I truly being respectful in thought and action?”

I WILL BE CURIOUS – Want to stop being one of the sheep? Start being curious. If there’s one catalyst that leads to self-improvement, it’s being curious. Ask questions. Don’t settle for how things (people, places, businesses, the news, etc.) appear, dive in to how they are.

I WILL FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS MOST – I won’t lie, this one is a regular pain in the rear. I really hate asking myself, “Is what I’m doing right now the most important thing I could be doing?” Fact: we fill our lives with unimportant stuff. By being mindful of what you’re doing, the other things you could be doing, and the value of each . . . What you’re doing becomes a measured conscious decision and your time is used wisely and powerfully.

If you haven’t noticed, these are pretty subjective and the way they’re applied must be an individual decision. A lot of times there’s no ‘right’ answer. For example, do you go to your child’s ball game or stay late and close the sale that will pay for that same child to go to that theme park they’ve been begging to visit? This is why I call them the ‘3 Things’ and not the ‘3 Rules.’

In short, I’ve found these 3 Things help me stay kind, growing, and on-task with my core values and goals.

As an added bonus, these work great as a discussion point with kids. It gives them context for questions like, “Was that very respectful of . . .?” or “I know you want to but, in the grand scheme of things, what matters most?” or “Great question. What did you find out when you researched it?”

Lastly, don’t forget that downtime is critical to the human health. Sometimes ‘what matters most’ is grabbing a beverage of choice and unwinding with an episode of StarTrek (I think my nerdy side just might have made a showing there). Mindful balance is the key!

Well there’s my input . . . What’s yours? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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