Life Happens. What's Your Plan?

LifeExec® makes developing your accident, travel, and legacy emergency plans easy.

Don't wait till you need a plan to make one.

You've spent time setting things up to take care of your family. You have insurance for your home, cars, and even your life. You may have even created an estate to make sure your assets will be transferred properly.

But what good are any of those precautions if those you care about can't access or find the right documents?

For most of us, our "emergency plan" is a file folder that has a few outdated documents and maybe the phone number to an attorney. Maybe it's in a safe, maybe it's in a box in the attic . . . where it is not, is in the hands of your loved ones the moment the need it.

Imagine the relief your loved ones will feel when LifeExec® puts critical information and your emergency plans at their fingertips, when and where they need it. 

Your security and privacy are built into the LifeExec® system. You determine to who and under what circumstances your information is shared.

Read on to learn more about why Safford Insurance, LLC has teamed up with LifeExec®. . .

Accident Planning

Send medical history, medical insurance, advanced directives, home care, child and/or pet care, and work instructions to designated contacts in the event of an accident.

Home Recovery

Recover faster from fire, flood, natural disasters, or theft with insurance policies and asset records stored securely in your LifeExec® vaults. This is a perfect place for your home inventory lists.

Travel Planning

Record your driver's license, passport, and credit card information to safeguard against loss while traveling. Automatically send home care, child/pet care, and work instructions on your departure date.

Legacy Planning

Distribute information on wills, insurance, and burial instructions to family members and advisors, and send personal goodbyes and memorial requests to friends and family.

 How It Works

1 Safe Documents - Safford Insurance - Franklin MA 02038

Record and Secure Important Documents, Assets, and Passwords

LifeExec® makes recording information easy. You don't have to scan and upload documents. LifeExec® virtual documents take the important information and turn it into a useful file. It's simple, secure, and effective. Of course, if you want to upload documents you absolutely can.

2 Legacy Planning Checklist - Safford Insurance - Franklin MA 02038

Create Instructions

Share important details and instructions that could help others through difficult times. Everyone is unique and LifeExec® offers pre written instructions for a variety of life events. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

3 Legacy Planning Communication - Safford Insurance - Franklin MA 02038

Build Communication Plans

Combine Contacts, Messages, and Documents into clear comprehensive communication plans. The plans are flexible so you share only what you want with who you want. It's just like building an email.

4 Legacy Planning Trigger - Safford Insurance - Franklin MA 02038

Event Trigger

Communication plans can be launched on a specific date, manually or by one of your trusted contacts. You can setup triggers for everything from vacations to serious emergencies. Death and accident plans require three step verification to ensure authenticity.

5 Legacy Planning Delivery - Safford Insurance - Franklin MA 02038

Distribute Information

Communication is sent to each assigned contact via email or text message. Information is available through LifeExec® secure message viewers which encrypt your data to ensure only your contacts receive your information. And keep in mind, not every contact has to receive the same information . . . E.g. you can easily send a different set of instructions and information to your petsitter than you do your spouse.

Ready to get started or learn more?

While it may help you recover more quickly from a disaster, LifeExec® is not an insurance product. Safford Insurance is a LifeExec® affiliate, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Safford Insurance may earn a commission if you click through a link and make a purchase.


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