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Disclaimer: Every claim, policy, and risk is different. The below information is for general information purposes and not to be considered the extension of coverage or advice for your particular situation. Please contact us for a personal evaluation of your specific insurance needs.


This covers you for bodily injury and physical damage that you cause or are accused of causing. Common examples include auto accidents, when your child harms another child (throwing sticks at each other etc.), and slips and falls at your residence. You also want to make sure that your policy covers 'Personal Injury,' which provides coverage for liable, slander, and false arrest . . . the 'slander' part is key in today's world social media. Remember, you don't actually have to do anything wrong to be brought into a lawsuit, and most policies cover legal defense.


Property insurance covers the physical 'stuff' you own from a variety of causes of damage. Every policy is different and it's important to work with your agent to make sure your policies have enough coverage for what you own against the types of losses you're exposed to (for example, did you know your homeowner's policy doesn't cover flood?). 

Life & Disability

It's not the most comfortable subject, but what happens to you financially if one of your family members dies? What about to your family members if you die? Life insurance can cover that gap and help ensure your quality of life is maintained. Cost of a policy varies primarily based on age, health, term, and amount of coverage . . . but it's surprisingly affordable for most. Here are some things to keep in mind, often life policies provided by your work end with your employment (imagine losing your job because of a terminal illness and not having coverage) and do not have as many options as may be appropriate for your needs (child and spouse coverage options etc.). And while it may seem horrible to even mention this, we also highly recommend everyone in the household carry at least enough life insurance to cover burial costs, including children. Sadly, the unthinkable happens and it's expensive.

Disability insurance helps replace some of your lost wages if you're disabled and unable to continue earning at the same rate as before


Weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, and more. In the event of cancellation for unexpected circumstances (see policy for details but, sorry, cold feet usually isn't covered) coverage for your deposits for the flowers, cake, rental cars, and more is available. It's also important to make sure you have appropriate liability insurance for the event, in fact if you're using an event facility they probably require it! Event coverage is also affordable, starting at around $100.

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Wedding and Event (graduations, family reunions etc.)