Motorcycles Aren't Cars. Don't Insure Them Like One

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Motorcycle Insurance Mass - Honda

"I've ridden and worked on motorcycles since my early 20's and love helping protect fellow riders. Having frame-off restored a couple of 1970's bikes, I know how special a bike is to its owner. And as an insurance professional, I love protecting amazing machines and their riders!"

Greg Safford - President, Safford Insurance, LLC

How We Protect Your Motorcycle & You

Learn About Your Bike

We want to learn about your motorcycle to make sure we're getting you the right coverage for your unique bike. For example, we have companies that will offer new bike replacement coverage for some Harley Davidson bikes!

Learn About You

Each rider has a different story and not all should be insured the same way. We'll review your liability insurance needs to get you the right level of protection.

Insurance Discounts

We will review your info to make sure you're getting as many discounts as you're eligible for. And with access to several motorcycle insurance companies, we will ensure you're getting a great value on awesome coverage.

Specialized Claim Handling

Most of our motorcycle insurance companies have specialized claims adjusters. This means if you do need your bike repaired as part of a claim, you won't be dealing with an auto-only adjuster . . . instead you'll have a motorcycle specialist working with you to get you back on the road.

Bringing It Together To Deliver A Great Deal For You

You can ride easy knowing that we worked hard to match your bike, your unique coverage needs, and your discounts to one of our many insurance carriers for the absolute best value we can offer.

An added bonus is that, when compared to a Mass auto insurance policy, these motorcycle specific packages often include significantly enhanced protection. And being based in Franklin, MA means we understand Massachusetts motorcycle insurance!

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