Mass Auto ID Cards – What You Need to Know to Travel

I’m going to tell you something your current Mass auto insurance agent probably hasn’t. Ready? Here it is . . . You should carry an auto insurance ID card with you.

Let me explain: An auto insurance ID card is simply a piece of paper that lists your basic insurance information. And most states require you carry it with you when you drive. If you’re from Mass, this might not sound familiar. You see . . .

Why would you want an insurance card?   No other state has the same insurance/RMV setup as Massachusetts, so most require drivers carry proof of insurance on them when they drive. If you get pulled over, you’d better be able to show the officer that you have insurance!   One more time:   In most states not only are you required to have insurance but you’re required to have proof of insurance on you when you drive . . . Just like your license and registration. So what happens if you’re pulled over outside of Mass and don’t have proof of insurance? That depends on the state but many will write you a ticket for driving without proof of insurance and most will give you a court date where you’ll be required to prove you had insurance. Yup, that could mean making an out of state trip to go court . . . Not the kind of road trip most of us are looking for!   Bottomline, don’t leave the house without carrying one of two things:

  1. A copy of your auto insurance declarations page/s with you (the pages that show the policy dates, vehicles, driver, and coverages of the policy) OR
  2. An auto insurance ID card. A number of the insurance companies we represent send auto ID cards with all their policies, but some do not. If you didn’t get one with your policy/renewal, you can probably login to your insurance carrier’s website and print one out right from there. Or you can just ask your agent for one.

  Please share this with your friends and family, it could save them a real headache the next time they drive out of state. And if you have any other questions about Massachusetts auto insurance (or any kind of insurance), we’re here to help!

And there you have it! If you have any questions or would like a review of your insurance coverage and pricing, I’d love to work with you to make sure the right coverage at a great value.

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