The ‘not so little’ things

Why the ‘little things’ are really huge

I buy and patron because of the little things. A couple of examples for me are:

  • Gift wrap, it’s the measuring grid printed on the back
  • Hotels, it’s the consistently clean room and solid hot breakfast
  • Optometrist, it’s the classic rock he cranks in the office and that he remembers I dig Jethro Tull
  • Soy milk, it’s the easy open carton (not the annoying one with the stupid little foil tab)
  • Hardware store, it’s the store dog

Are these my only reasons for spending money on these products or establishments? Nope. But they’re what gives each an edge over their competition (for me at least).

My point is this:

While you can’t ignore executing the basics well, often it’s the little things that attract and retain customers.

Do you know what your “little thing” is? In business and personal life? If not, maybe it’s time to ask what little things your customer appreciates about you and capitalize on it. If you can’t find one, maybe it’s time to create one. Make it something that fits your personality and build on what comes naturally. Not only will it help differentiate your business, it may provide yet another point of pride for you and your staff.

What do you think of our little things?

  • Annual reviews of all business customers (not just the big ones)
  • Timely responses to questions and service requests
  • Using real people language whenever possible, not just spouting fancy-pants insurance terms
  • Treating each customer as the unique people and businesses they are

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