Does Life Insurance Cover Epidemic or Pandemic Death?

I’ve received some calls lately asking if life insurance will cover epidemics and pandemics, so I put together a quick video to answer that question.

So . . . does life insurance cover pandemic and epidemic death?

Almost always yes. Life insurance policies will usually cover deaths due to illness, including pandemic and epidemic viruses like caronavirus and COVID-19. That said, do check your policy for any nasty surprise exclusions.

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Lastly, an important disclaimer: This information is general in nature and intended to be educational. Nothing in this should be considered an offer or provision of coverage. Every insurance company, situation, person, and animal is unique and pricing and coverage will vary. Depending on the situation, in some cases coverage may simply not be available. At the time of this posting, Safford Insurance, LLC services the states of MA, RI, and TN.

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