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8 Times You Need To Look At Your Insurance

There are times in our lives when we need to look at our insurance in depth. Yeah . . . I know, it’s probably not what you want to do on a nice day, or when your busy, or well . . . pretty much ever. BUT working with an independent agent (like me) can…

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Why I love insurance and why that’s not boring

I love insurance and that’s not boring There are few things better than seeing a family or business thrive after disaster strikes. First a little background . . . I didn’t intend to get into insurance; my degree is in music composition. And, at first, I didn’t like insurance all that much. Not being a natural…

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The Morning 3

Before things get nuts, there are 3 things I promise myself each morning, and it’s changed my attitude and focus for the better. I WILL BE RESPECTFUL I WILL BE CURIOUS I WILL FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS MOST Okay, you can stop here if you want . . . Just wake up every day and…

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