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Auto Insurance Buyer’s Guide

Auto insurance can be a confusing and expensive! This guide will help explain the coverages and give some tips on how to get the best value when purchasing car and truck insurance. Before I get into the good insurance stuff, a quick disclaimer: This guide speaks in general terms and every policy, vehicle, household, insurance…

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Claymation policewoman - Car Insurance - Franklin MA 02038

Mass Auto ID Cards – What You Need to Know to Travel

I’m going to tell you something your current Mass auto insurance agent probably hasn’t. Ready? Here it is . . . You should carry an auto insurance ID card with you. Let me explain: An auto insurance ID card is simply a piece of paper that lists your basic insurance information. And most states require…

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What happens when a tree damages my car in MA - Image of Tree Fallen on Car

What happens when a tree damages my car in MA?

Bethany of Franklin, MA asked, “If something happens to your car in your yard, such as a fallen tree branch, who covers the repair? Homeowners insurance or your car insurance.” My answer is: Your car insurance, if you have the right coverage. In general, if the damage occurs to your car, your car insurance covers…

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