In light of recent events, like most businesses, Safford Insurance is modifying how we do business.

Until the COVID-19 (Caronavirus) pandemic has subsided, Safford Insurance will remain open but operating virtually via phone, email, webmeetings, etc.

I will be the only one working it the office and may work from home as appropriate. Fortunately nearly all insurance transactions can be done virtually (online, email, over the phone, etc.) and we can still help as always!

If you need a physically stamped RMV form (which is quite rare as 95%+ of RMV forms we handle are managed digitally), I will make sure to take care of that in person as needed. Appropriate social distancing will apply of course.

We are fortunately to be able to continue to operate and our thoughts go out to all those businesses who cannot. If there's anything we can do to help make you're insurance world a little bit better, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your support of Safford Insurance. Be safe and stay well.

If there's anything we can do to answer your insurance questions or make your insurance world a little better, give us a call at 774-847-1106 or use the handy form below to send us your questions.

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Lastly, an important disclaimer: This information is general in nature and intended to be educational. Nothing in this should be considered an offer or provision of coverage. Every insurance company, situation, person, and animal is unique and pricing and coverage will vary. Depending on the situation, in some cases coverage may simply not be available. At the time of this posting, Safford Insurance, LLC services the states of MA, RI, and TN.

About Greg Safford

Bringing over 15 years of insurance experience, Greg is client focused and passionate about helping individuals and businesses understand their insurance options so they are prepared for the unexpected. With so many options, Greg is dedicated to helping clients make educated decisions about protecting their assets. When not working with customers, Greg can be found hiking, fishing, or spending time with family.