A Safford Insurance Holiday Greeting

It's been something hasn't it? In spite of the never-ending year that it has been, I still have so much to be grateful for and that gratefulness starts with you.

I wish I had time to call every client and business partner, each of you means a lot to me. But given there aren't enough hours in the day to make all those calls, I made this short video to thank you and share what we're doing to help the community this holiday season.

Thank you again. Have a happy and safe Holiday Season!

Lastly, an important disclaimer: This information is general in nature and intended to be educational. Nothing in this should be considered an offer or provision of coverage. Every insurance company, situation, person, and animal is unique and pricing and coverage will vary. Depending on the situation, in some cases coverage may simply not be available. At the time of this posting, Safford Insurance, LLC services the states of MA, RI, and TN.

About Greg Safford

Bringing over 15 years of insurance experience, Greg is client focused and passionate about helping individuals and businesses understand their insurance options so they are prepared for the unexpected. With so many options, Greg is dedicated to helping clients make educated decisions about protecting their assets. When not working with customers, Greg can be found hiking, fishing, or spending time with family.