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8 Times You Need To Look At Your Insurance

There are times in our lives when we need to look at our insurance in depth. Yeah . . . I know, it’s probably not what you want to do on a nice day, or when your busy, or well . . . pretty much ever. BUT working with an independent agent (like me) can…

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What happens when a tree damages my car in MA - Image of Tree Fallen on Car

What happens when a tree damages my car in MA?

Bethany of Franklin, MA asked, “If something happens to your car in your yard, such as a fallen tree branch, who covers the repair? Homeowners insurance or your car insurance.” My answer is: Your car insurance, if you have the right coverage. In general, if the damage occurs to your car, your car insurance covers…

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Tick on road hazard sign

How to safely crush ticks this year

Can you hear the collective groan of all outdoor lovers? Yup, it’s tick season again. But, thanks to science and some good advice, we will not stay inside and play Fortnite safely on our couches. We will go hiking! Based on some research I did this year in preparation for Spring, here is how to…

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White 3D form of a man holding a full color realistic video camera

2018 Feb Ad Videos

No question, video has become part of our lives. This is true as an insurance agency as well. So I thought I’d start sharing the videos we use for advertisement and education in a monthly blog post. So here are the three videos we’ll be using in February 2018. If you like what you see,…

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