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What To Do After a Hurricane or Tropical Storm

There are many articles about how to prepare for a storm. This one is about what to do AFTER a hurricane or tropical storm. Before and during the storm The best outcome will always be result of having properly prepared for the storm. A great resource for preparation tips is Please don’t skimp on…

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Auto Insurance Buyer’s Guide

Auto insurance can be a confusing and expensive! This guide will help explain the coverages and give some tips on how to get the best value when purchasing car and truck insurance. Before I get into the good insurance stuff, a quick disclaimer: This guide speaks in general terms and every policy, vehicle, household, insurance…

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A Buyers Guide To Homeowners Insurance - Image of toy wood house on green grass with Safford Insurance Logo - Home Insurance Theme - Safford Insurance LLC - Franklin MA 02038

Homeowners Insurance Buyers Guide

Homeowners insurance can be a little confusing but it’s also important. For most Americans, their home is their greatest asset and homeowners insurance protects it. This guide will help explain some of the coverages and is a helpful tool for navigating your homeowners insurance purchase. Before I get into the good insurance stuff, a quick…

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How to Set Up Your Home to Be a Rental Property

It’s not very often I post guest blogs on the Safford Insurance website . . . but when Dylan LeCompte, the author of this article, showed me what he’d written, I thought it was more than worth sharing. As always, the below information is general in nature and we always recommend consulting with an appropriate…

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Child Photographer

What You Need to Know About Insurance for Photographers

Photographers face unique challenges that can lead to increased risk of having their equipment damaged or being sued. Just like any business, a photographer should probably protect themselves and their business from accidental loss and lawsuit. Similar to spending a little extra to get that better camera bag or hardcase to protect your equipment, buying…

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A Guide to Massachusetts Short-Term Rental Insurance

If you rent out a Massachusetts property on a short-term rental basis, things have changed. New insurance laws apply to Massachusetts homeowners that rent out their home on a temporary basis. These laws may require you to change your homeowners insurance. Read on for what’s changing, how it affects you and your Massachusetts property, and…

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Dog Liability Insurance - Mugshot of Bad Dog - Safford Insurance - Franklin MA - 02038

Dog Liability Insurance – What You Need to Know

You love your pup and know he or she would ever hurt anyone. But if you own one of several breeds targeted by insurance companies, you may have troubled getting dog liability insurance coverage (sometimes called dog bite insurance or dog bite liability insurance). In fact, you may have a hard time finding even renter’s…

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Mass Auto ID Cards – What You Need to Know to Travel

I’m going to tell you something your current Mass auto insurance agent probably hasn’t. Ready? Here it is . . . You should carry an auto insurance ID card with you. Let me explain: An auto insurance ID card is simply a piece of paper that lists your basic insurance information. And most states require…

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8 Times You Need To Look At Your Insurance

There are times in our lives when we need to look at our insurance in depth. Yeah . . . I know, it’s probably not what you want to do on a nice day, or when your busy, or well . . . pretty much ever. BUT working with an independent agent (like me) can…

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What happens when a tree damages my car in MA - Image of Tree Fallen on Car

What happens when a tree damages my car in MA?

Bethany of Franklin, MA asked, “If something happens to your car in your yard, such as a fallen tree branch, who covers the repair? Homeowners insurance or your car insurance.” My answer is: Your car insurance, if you have the right coverage. In general, if the damage occurs to your car, your car insurance covers…

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Tick on road hazard sign

How to safely crush ticks this year

Can you hear the collective groan of all outdoor lovers? Yup, it’s tick season again. But, thanks to science and some good advice, we will not stay inside and play Fortnite safely on our couches. We will go hiking! Based on some research I did this year in preparation for Spring, here is how to…

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Thank You - Disaster Responders

An Open Letter Of Thanks To Disaster and First Responders

I’d like to take a moment to thank some professions, and the people that work in them, for their efforts in times of storms and disaster. While I’m currently thinking about Franklin MA in particular, these thanks extend to those that support any community. Police: For working all hours of the day and night to…

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Girl with magnifying glass looking at the little things

The ‘not so little’ things

Why the ‘little things’ are really huge I buy and patron because of the little things. A couple of examples for me are: Gift wrap, it’s the measuring grid printed on the back Hotels, it’s the consistently clean room and solid hot breakfast Optometrist, it’s the classic rock he cranks in the office and that…

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White 3D form of a man holding a full color realistic video camera

2018 Feb Ad Videos

No question, video has become part of our lives. This is true as an insurance agency as well. So I thought I’d start sharing the videos we use for advertisement and education in a monthly blog post. So here are the three videos we’ll be using in February 2018. If you like what you see,…

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Greg Safford | Why I Love Insurance | Franklin MA | Safford Insurance

Why I love insurance and why that’s not boring

I love insurance and that’s not boring There are few things better than seeing a family or business thrive after disaster strikes. First a little background . . . I didn’t intend to get into insurance; my degree is in music composition. And, at first, I didn’t like insurance all that much. Not being a natural…

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Woman with hair dryer

The Morning 3

Before things get nuts, there are 3 things I promise myself each morning, and it’s changed my attitude and focus for the better. I WILL BE RESPECTFUL I WILL BE CURIOUS I WILL FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS MOST Okay, you can stop here if you want . . . Just wake up every day and…

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